Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Local Emergency Planning Committee / Citizen Corp Council

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June Regular LEPC Meeting Minimize
Regular Meeting Minimize

April 12, 2018 Meeting Mintues Minimize
• Meeting called to order at 8:10am by Chief Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman

• 35 (not including Fire Department personnel)

County Reports:

• Chairman’s Report
More Hazmat calls in the home vs on the road
Station 14 open house was held April 7th
Station 16 open house scheduled for July

• Treasure’s Report for February and March
Starting Balance - $7,004.86
Checks / Deposits – 0
Ending Balance - $7,004.86

• Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash
Working on StormReady recertification
Updating Hazard Mitigation Plan
Telecommunication Week
Hurricane Irma funds should start coming in

• Henry County PD –Capt. Maddox
Officers started in academy
5 Officers in FTO, 8 weeks left
Putting 5 new speed trailers in each district to measure speed in different areas. Once data collect,
can do more direct enforcement in the problem areas.
HEAT Unit received the MADD Top Agency for Category 5 for 440 DUI arrests
4 officers graduated from Motor school
Body cameras working well

Hampton PD –Chief Austin
Working with FFA for active shooter drill
Hired New City Manager – Charles Cooling

• Henry County SO –
No Report

• Stakeholders – Mayor Ford – City of Stockbridge
Installing security camera in parks
Municipal courts opening June-July

Meeting Presenter – Henry County Fire Department
Equipment / Decon Demo and Mock Hazamat scenario outside

• A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:30 am

• June 7, 2018 - Presenter - Bryon Jones – Chemical Security Homeland Security

• Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield
Equipment / Decon Demo and Mock Hazmat Scenario Minimize

Equipment / Decon Demo and Mock Hazmat Scenario

KIK Hazamt Drill Minimize

KIK Hazmat Drill

Skywarn Storm Spotter Training Minimize

February 1, 2018 Meeting Minutes Minimize
 Meeting called to order at 8:11am by Chief Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman


 LEPC Co-Chair still open

 LEPC Conference February 20-21 in Jekyll Island, GA

County Reports:

•Chairman’s Report
 Tier II reporting deadline is March 31st
 Major calls in the county: Bomb threat, Active Shooter, Hazard response
 Important industries participate in the Hazard Mitigation Survey and get involved with Points of Dispensing.

•Treasurers Report for January
 Starting Balance - $7, 234.86
 Checks / Deposits – $230.00
 Ending Balance - $7,004.86

•Henry County 911 – Amanda Maddox
 E911 Calls for 2017
911 – 381,768 (40.9%)
Admin Calls – 225,532 (59.1%)
 E911 Calls for Jan 2018
911 – 12,051 (39.3%)
Admin Calls – 18,575 (60.7%)
 Radio Project still in progress. Mobile radios being installed, portable radios given out as they come in.
 CAD-Tyler New World, kicked off Jan 31st. 18-month project

•Henry County EMA – Jeremy Head
 Emmitsburg, Maryland training rescheduled to August 6th-9th
 Public Participation Survey for Hazard Mitigation Planning

•Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Willis
 32 new fire recruits
 Two new ladder trucks ready for service Feb-Mar 2018
 EMT and AEMT training going on
 View quarterly report online

•Henry County PD –Capt. Maddox
 New Chief -Major Mark Amerman
 New Deputy Chief – Major Mike Ireland
 Morale at in all time high
 5 new PD recruits
 Interviewing 15 for PD
 15 Arrests
4 Driving with suspended license
4 Wanted Persons
2 Drug Possessions
 2017 – 30 fatalities
 2018 – 1 possible fatality
 Military Deployment up
 Flu going around within the department
 180 Body Cameras – Officers training on usage

•Henry County SO – Capt Cody
 No Report

•Henry County Hampton PD– Chief Derrick Austin
 Upgrading the Depo
 PD in training with the FAA center
 Hampton PD fully staffed

•Board of Commissioners Report – County Manager Cheri Matthews
 County starting a Citizens Government Academy
 Official press conference for new body camera for the Police Department on February 13, 2018
 Excited about the new radio system
 Thanks to Team Henry and the FD for all they do

•Board of Commissioners Report – County Chair June Wood
 Appreciates everything that Public Safety does
 Safety and health is important
 With Influenza going around, take care of yourself

•Stakeholder Report – City of Stockbridge
 Security camera being installed in parks
 Appreciates Henry County PD for all they do in Stockbridge

•Stakeholder Report - Kim Townsend – District Public Health
 Flu Season continues to raise in Georgia and nationally
 Influenza will increase in the coming weeks
 37 confirmed deaths as of January 31, 2018
 1 confirmed pediatric death
 Henry County to host POD (Points of Distribution) full scale drive through POD exercise November 1, 2018 at the Henry County Health Department. 8am- 2pm

•Stakeholder Report – Sheri Russo – Area 7 GEMA Coordinator
 Severe weather week February 5th – 9th
 State wide tornado safety drill Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 9a.m.

Meeting Presenter: Lt. Lloyd & Lt. Schaefer, Henry County Fire Department
Importance of Tier II Reporting

 Tier II reports provide essential information to public safety by listing emergency contacts and hazardous materials stored at the facility. Many times the reports give exact quantities stored of each chemical.
 Plot & plume software called Adashi, gives the ability to determine potential evacuation zones or shelter in place depending on what chemicals dealing with. It uses live weather streaming to keep the plume updated.
 Cameo Chemicals demonstrated how we can select chemicals and mix them to see potential chemical reactions. If the Tier II report is accurate this makes this process much easier for us to determine what chemicals could be mixed.
 The Wiser Hazmat program shows how to find further information about each chemical. The fire department has the ability to identify unknown chemicals by the use of the "Help Identify Chemical" link in Wiser which asks a series of questions and narrows the potential chemicals down for us to identify.
 The "Chemist" link in Wiser allows the fire department to answer a series of questions pertaining to the patient and can be used to determine what chemical they could have been exposed to. Wiser can be used by anyone and industry people can utilize it.
 AskRail is an app designed for public safety by the railroad community. It gives Fire Department ability to research any rail car from the car # on the side. And have the ability to plot & plume if there is a leak.
 HCFD was recently awarded a state HAZMAT grant. This grant is specifically for departments with specialized Hazardous Materials Teams.
 The PEAC-WMD software streamlines all the current programs the fire department uses into one program which will allows research, plot & plume, and pull Tier II reports all from one single program.

•A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:00am

•April 12, 2018

•Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield

Survey Minimize

We need your help! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Henry County is currently engaged in a planning process to become less vulnerable to natural hazards, such as winter storms, tornadoes, and floods, as well as man-made hazards, including hazardous materials incidents, and your participation is important to us!

The county, along with local jurisdictions and other partners, is working to prepare a multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. This Plan will identify and assess our community’s natural and man-made hazard risks and determine how to best mitigate, or minimize and manage, those risks.

This survey is an opportunity for you to share your opinions and participate in the mitigation planning process. The information you provide will help us better understand your hazard concerns and can lead to mitigation activities that should help lessen the impacts of future hazard events.

Please click on the link for the survey


Please help us by completing this survey by February 14, 2018.

October Meeting Minutes Minimize
October LEPC Minimize

LEPC Regular Meeting Minimize

June 2017 Meeting Minutes Minimize
• Meeting called to order at 8:08am by Chief Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman

• 31

• None

County Reports:

• Chairman’s Report
 Hazmat Response Conference in Baltimore June 15th – June 18th
 New GEMA LEPC coordinator - Mr. Ritta
 Make it a priority to take ICS classes
 Make sure each person in your company sign up for the Revere 911 system
 Know what shelter-n-place means and what to do ( stay where you are, move inside, turn off ventilation units, move into an interior room, seal doors and windows and openings with plastic and duct tape

• Treasure’s Report for May
 Starting Balance - $7,208.02
 Checks / Deposits – $0
 Debits –
• Delta Air Lines - $414.80
• Hazmat Conference - $920.00
 Ending Balance - $5,873.22

• Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash
 New radio system rolling out next
 1st July will be updating Hazardous Mitigation
 In the process of updating the 911 system

• Henry County Fire Dept. – Deputy Fire Chief Sherwood
 15 days in as Deputy Chief
 Station 15 up and running ( Mt. Carmel)
 Station 14 online in August - Luella
 Station 16 online January 2018 - Kelleytown
 Looking to hire 24 new applicants
 Encourage everyone to look at the FD Facebook page for information
 New budget
• 4 new Ambulances
• 2 new engines (replacing old engines)

• Henry County PD –Capt. Simmons
 May 22 – June 4 Clickit or Ticket Operation. Since May 22 Officers have wrote 1957 citations written.
 Genelle Ct. Homicide. CID and CAGE did a great job getting a vehicle and suspect identified. Suspect has been arrested.
 Sgt. Reddick arrested a suspect at the Mt. Carmel Soccer complex with felony drugs and a stolen gun. Suspect has confessed to several other crimes to include drive by shootings and several entering autos cases in Henry and Clayton counties.
 As of this date there has been 12 fatal accidents. There has been an increase in accidents involving tractor trailers and motorcycles. The traffic Unit is creating operations to address these issues.
 Traffic Unit Officer Eck completed the Drug Recognition Expert Course at GPSTC.
 Officers Eck and Hatcher of the Traffic Unit completed the Traffic Accident Specialist Course at GPSTC. There are only 75 of these certifications in the state. Henry County has 3(Brooks, Eck, and Hatcher)
 Medal of Valor was presented to Sgt. Tippens and Officer Saadig for saving a citizen attempting to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.
 Wings for Warriors Bike ride put on by the HCPD Motor Unit and the COPS Unit was raised $19,700 for the Chaplains Fund.
 Citizens Police Academy graduated 23 citizens on 05/30/2017
 Women’s Self Defense class going on now will be completed 06/03/2017
 HCPD along with several other departments responded to Nash Farms on 05/27/2017 due to a possible civil unrest incident. Incident was completed without any issues and all Henry County personnel responded as needed and wee very professional.

• Henry County SO –
 No Report

• Stakeholder Report - Leslie Cheatwood – Henry County School Board
 Thanks to Henry County Fire Department and Police Department for the partnership with the school district
 Ended the school district well
 Wanda Sue with HCFD not only has a great partnership with Henry County schools but a great relationship as well.

Stakeholder Report - Roy Baker – AREA Ham Radio
 106 man hour training
 Amateur Field Day – Clayton County EOC June 24th -25th @ 9am

Meeting Presenter: David Nadler - National Weather Service
 The National Weather Service in Peachtree City covers 96 counties in Georgia
 NWS Products
• Warning (take immediate action) / Watch (severe is possible in the next several hours, pay close attention to the weather)
• Planning and Spot Forecast,
• Web Graphics / Social Media
• Radar / Satellite
• Outreach
 Communicating Weather Risks and Impacts
• Partnering weather briefings / updates being expanded
• Emails
• Live webinars
• YouTube
• Facebook
• Live Twitter
 NWS Mobile Weather - Mobile.weather.gov
• Special statements
• Satellite
• Hourly forecast
• Regular forecast
 INWS- Mobile Alerting
• Customized text
• Customized message and emailing alerts
 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
• 11-17 named storm
• 5-9 Hurricanes (74-95 wind speeds mph)
• 2-4 Major Hurricanes (170 wind speeds mph)
 Hurricane season – February – May
 Popup Storms - Summer
• Tornadoes drop in the summer

• Q & A
 Q: What’s the quickest way to receive the wind speed directions at a Tier II facility?
A. National weather service real time wind speed data.
B. NOAA Radio - can be purchased at local stores (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Publix)

Q: What is Code Red?
A. A mass high-speed emergency notification system designed to accurately and reliably deliver your critical notifications.
B. Code Red information is NOT out through the local EMA.

• A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:04am

• August 3, 2017 - Presenter - Gregg Hammond
Pipeline Safety

• Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield
LEPC Christmas Luncheon Minimize
LEPC Community Day 2016 Minimize

LEPC Community Day 2016

EMS Week Minimize


 May 15th -  May 21st is National EMS Week, The LEPC Board members would like to Thank you Henry County & McDonough Fire Department for your hard work and dedication to the Citizens of Henry County.

Regular Meeting Minimize
LEPC Meeting
April Meeting Mintues Minimize


·       Meeting called to order at 8:15am  by Shelita Broomfield, LEPC Secretary


·       25



·       None


·      Chairman’s Report 

Ø  No REPORT, Chairman


·      Treasure’s Report  for  March

Ø Starting Balance - $7,536.39

Ø Checks / Deposits – $30.00 – Secretary of State

Ø Ending Balance - $7,506.39


·      Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash

Ø  Henry Parkway closed for Active Shooter, 7am-12noon

Ø  County wide full scale Active shooter drill April 12, 2016

  Weather changing

Ø  Suspected Tornado in southwest GA

Ø  Invest in weather radios

Ø  EMA participated in the ATL airport disaster training

Ø  EMA will push out tropical weather information

·      Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Johnson

Ø  Fire Department BUSY

Ø  Increased calls

Ø  Check smoke detectors often

Ø  Hazmat team gearing up for summer walk through

Ø  Citizens Fire academy going well,

Ø  New Auto Pulse Device (AED Machine)

·       Henry County PD –Capt. Simmons

Ø  Women’s self-defense class

Ø  Bicycles accidents increased

Ø  Lt. Lee doing great with assisting and working with stakeholders for the active shooter drill

Ø  Crisis intervention class with other agencies going well

·       Henry County Hampton PD – Chief Austin

Ø  Participating in an Active Shooter Drill with South Station

Ø  Roads closed for 2 miles because of filming

·       Henry County SO – Sgt. Marcus Warren

Ø  Staying busy

Ø  2100 booked

Ø  35 processing in daily

Ø  500 active arrests

Ø  128 in the schools

Ø  6000 civil paper work served

Ø  186 Sex offenders – on going

Ø  Preparing for youth camp this summer for ages 12-14


Meeting Presenter:  Sheri Lynn Russo – Visual Weapons Screening

1. Visual screening is only one component of  safety.

2. Visual screening can be used inside and outside.

3. There is no “profile” for the gun violator, profiling is illegal and ineffective.

4. Visual screening has been used successfully for many years.


Who Can Benefit from Visual Screening?

Ø  School Administrators

Ø  Faculty and Staff

Ø  Bus Drivers

Ø  School Resource Officers

Ø  Administrative Assistance

Ø  Elective officials

Ø  Heath Care Professionals

Profile of Active Shooter:

Ø  An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

Ø  Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly

Ø  **NO one profile (though generally male)


Indicators of potentially violent behavior by an employee may include

Ø  Depression/withdrawal.

Ø  Repeated violations of company policies.

Ø  Resistance and overreaction to changes in policy and procedures

Ø  Explosive outbursts of anger or rage without provocation.

 Ø  Behavior that may suggest paranoia (e.g., “everybody is against me”).


Ø  Talk of previous incidents of violence.

Ø  Empathy with individuals committing violence

Ø  Report violent acts or threats of violence to your immediate supervisor, security or human resources.

Ø  Regardless of the type of workplace violence, the chances for prevention improve with increased awareness of potential warning signs and rapid response to a problem.

 Develop a Survival Mindset:

Ø  Awareness and Preparation: Take time to understand your surroundings and environment before an emergency occurs.

Ø   Ask yourself, “What if?” questions and develop a plan.

Ø  Identify Exits

Ø  Avoid - Out of the way of shooter’s view

Ø  Deny - Access of the perpetrator

Ø  Defend - Because you have the right to protect yourself, act as aggressively as possible

  If You See Something:

Ø  Report suspicious activity or something that doesn’t seem right to your local law enforcement

Visual Screening Techniques:

Ø   Security Check

Ø  Jacket Sag

Ø  Visible Weapon

Ø  Unnatural Gait

Ø  Limping or Hunchback Stride

Ø  Rainy Day Rule


Q & A


·      A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:45am


·       June 2, 2016 -  Presenter – Brain Englert – EPA On-Scene Coordinator



·       Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield










LEPC Regular Meeting Minimize

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Henry County EMA PrepareAthon Minimize

Henry County PrepareAthon Minimize
This year's El Niño not only may deliver a colder and wetter winter, but also bring an increased likelihood of spring tornadoes. That’s why Henry County is embarking on a new preparedness initiative with FEMA called Ready Henry County’s PrepareAthon! for Tornado Safety. This is a whole-community campaign aimed at conducting county-wide preparedness actions. As part of this initiative, the Henry County Emergency Management Agency, along with FEMA, will be planning a series of preparedness activities, including a community-wide tornado drill on February 3, 2016.

The Henry County PrepareAthon! Will engage schools, businesses, government agencies, universities, and faith-based partners to support this campaign and participate with their stakeholders. By combining our efforts and working together as a “whole community,” we hope to increase the level of preparedness of supporting organizations and all residents within Henry County. To learn more about this national campaign, please visit FEMA’s America’s PrepareAthon! website at http://community.fema.gov/

To kick off this campaign, we are requesting your participation in a planning meeting with Henry County’s Emergency Management team. The meeting will be held on January 20th at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center (526 Industrial Blvd, McDonough GA) at 2:00PM

During this meeting we will introduce the campaign objectives and facilitate a discussion to receive your input and commitment to this initiative. Please confirm if a representative from your organizations is able to participate in this important kick-off event. We are excited about the campaign and look forward to working with you in our continued efforts to build preparedness in Henry County.

For more please contact Kevin Johnson @ 770-288-7892 or kcjohnson@co.henry.ga.us

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FREE CERT Training Minimize



Sponsored by Henry County Office of Emergency Management

CERT Training is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family, and your neighbors in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Because emergency personnel may not be able to help everyone immediately, you can make a difference by using CERT Training to save lives and protect property.



Date: Every Tuesday August 18- September 29, 2015

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Place: The Henry County Emergency Operations Center

526 Industrial Blvd McDonough, GA 30253



CERT Training is a FREE Citizen Preparedness course that includes academic and hands-on instruction. Topics covered include:

 *Emergency Preparedness

* Fire Safety

* Emergency Medical Operations I & II

* Light Search and Rescue

* CERT Team Organization

* ICS 100: Incident Command System

* Disaster Psychology

* Terrorism and CERT

* Course Review and Simulated Disaster Exercise





You may register at: http://www.co.henry.ga.us/911/cert.shtml.

Please download and submit the CERT volunteer application either by fax to: 770-954-2876

Or email EMA Officer sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us








LEPC Meeting Minutes Minimize


  ·       Meeting called to order at 8:10am  by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman



  ·       22



  ·       Reviewing by-laws regarding expanding executive board members to include regular board members, and regular LEPC members

  ·       In the process of purchasing a computer for the Hazmat truck

  ·       Bruce Holmes, District V commissioner appointed to all hazard council by GEMA

  ·       Updating Shelter N- Place video



  ·       ThinkPad

  ·       August 15th Lamar County LEPC  -Full Scale single engine HazMat drill @ 6pm


  ·       Treasure’s Report  for  March



  ·       Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash

  Ø  September is National Preparedness Month (Have Kit, Have A Plan)

  Ø  Ready Henry County roll out in September

  Ø  Tropical weather season

  Ø  Get a NOAA weather radio

  Ø  Two rounds of storms coming in today

  Ø  E-911 – 35000 calls BUSY!!!!!!

  Ø  NIMS 300 training  October 13th – 15th


  ·       Henry County Fire Dept. – Captain Burnette

  Ø Two new fire trucks (Station 1 & 7)

  Ø Two new stations 14 &  15

  Ø Rebuilt station #2

  Ø Citizens Fire Academy starts September 10th

  Ø Car wrecks up

  Ø Expanding walk thru tier II

  Ø FDC’s still being stolen from businesses

Ø  Received 20,000.00 from GEMA for equipment

  Ø  LEPC will be seeing  more of Lt. Wiggins  & Lt. Harmsen Capt


 ·       Henry County PD –

  Ø  Events:

  v July 16th – Escape prisoner (Lt. Maddox Recognized)

  v July 17th - Rolling Thunder – 16 out of county agencies including GSPand GOHS and local agencies.

  o   Arrests – 93 (10 were felonies)

  o   Citations -481


  v August 3rd – 1st Day of School operations successful

  v August 4th - National Night Out – Thanks to HCSO, HCFD, 911, other departments in the county.  70 vendors and department participated to make for a great back to school event.

  v Two  K-9’s approved (Torbush & Off)

  v K-9 Pipo retired June 16th

  v Retired K-9 Abbas passed away August 3rd

  v Women’s Self Defense class starts August 13th – 15th

  v Citizens Police Academy starts September 8th  Contact Joni Miller

  Ø  Stats:

  v Calls –                              8626

  v Self-Initiated Calls –    5141

  v Misd –                              46

  v Felonies –                       60

  v Juv –                                 33

  v Citations –                      2277

  v Warnings –                    2293

  v Accidents –                    711

  v Report -                           1539

  Ø  Stats:

  v K-9 (39) drug arrest for July with over $56,540.00 in drug seized

  v Traffic Unit (3) fatalities with (109) hit in run accidents for July

  v Heat – 40 DUI arrest , 49 Arrest, 211 Citations, 100 warnings

  v Motors – 16 arrests.  341 Citations, 116 Warnings

  v Cage Unit -  4 felony arrests,  3 Grand Jury indictments, 2 search warrants

  v 3 NEW gangs identified


  ·       Henry County SO –


 ·       Stakeholder Report –Board of Education – Leslie Cheatwood

  Ø  First day of school fire. Computer in class room with smoke

  Ø  Fire Department will start evaluating fire drills in schools

  Ø  Working on getting vests for staff for easy identification purposes

  ·       Stakeholder Report –Connecting Henry – Susan Crumbley

  Ø  Donated funds to Police Department to assist with families in need program

  Ø  Non – Profit organization

  Ø  Families must meet certain requirements before assistance

MEETING PRESENTER:  Agent Erin Combs - Gang Unit (CAGE)  


CAGE (Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement) Unit: The Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement Unit (C.A.G.E.) is responsible for the investigation and apprehension of street criminals and gang members.

·       Community Impact

·       Safety and Security

·       Indication of possible gang activity

 Legislative findings and intent

·       The General Assembly, finds that the State of Georgia is in a state of crisis caused by violent criminal street gangs whose members threaten, terrorize, and commit a multitude of crimes against the peaceful citizens of their neighborhoods.


What Is a Gang?

Ø  3 or more people associated and engaged in criminal gang activities.

Ø  Gangs thrive on fear and intimidation


Three main areas that gangs recruit from:

Ø  Neighborhoods

Ø  Schools

Ø  Jail


  Some indicators of possible gang involvement:

Ø  Graffiti on folders, walls, buildings

Ø  Jewelry, Tattoos

Ø  Clothing

Ø  Bad Attitude

Ø  Changing friends

Ø  Carry weapons

Ø  Withdrawal from family activities


    Two Types of Gangs:

Ø  National (Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples etc.)

Ø  Local – non-traditional (Golden Boys, Scraps Boys etc.)


  Safety and Security:

Ø  Be aware of your surroundings

Ø  Be aware of anyone that maybe following you from your house or business

Ø  Report any suspicious vehicles and persons

Ø  Be cautious about banking activities

Ø  Change up daily routines to and from home and work



  Henry County Stats:

v 40 Different gangs / sets identified in Henry County      

v 16 preps with 53 indictment for aging chargers


Ø  Homicide                                  6

Ø  Rape                                           34

Ø  Robbery                                    109

Ø  Aggravated Assault               162

Ø  Burglary Commercial           170

Ø  Burglary Residential            144

Ø  Larceny / Theft by taking   2,957

Ø  Stolen Vehicles                       398


Q & A



·       A motion was made to adjourn



·       October 1, 2015 -  Presenter – Sheri Russo, GEMA




·        Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield

Free Damage Assessment Training Minimize

Henry County Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency will host two FREE Damage Assessment Training session.

·       Date: July 21, 2015

·       Times: 9:00 a.m. OR 1:00 p.m.

·       Place: Henry County Emergency Operations Center

         526 Industrial Boulevard

        McDonough GA 30253

 Damage assessment is an important factor of how the EMA responds to an emergency or disaster. It allows teams to determine what happened, what areas were hardest hit, where priority must be given and what type of assistance is needed.

Upon completion of the training session, participants will be able to:

·       Define the purpose of damage assessment;

·       Define basic terms related to damage assessment;

·       List critical infrastructure in a community.

This training will provide you with an opportunity and the knowledge to assist Henry County Emergency Management Agency if needed to help assess damages in your community.

 If you’re interested in attending this free training, contact EMA Officer Shelita Broomfield at sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us or 770-288-7865 by July 17th

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June 2015 Meeting Mintues Minimize


·       Meeting called to order at 8:15am  by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman




·       31



·       None



·      Henry County Fire Department  will be attending a FBI class to help enhance response times

·      Replace old training Hazmat equipment

·      Completed and submitted the 1st  Semi- Annual LEPC  report to GEMA



·      Treasure’s Report  for  March

Ø Starting Balance - $6,402.75

Ø Checks / Deposits – 0

Ø Ending Balance - $6,402.72


·      Henry County EMA / 911 – Jeremy Head

Ø  Missouri experienced a magnitude 4.0 Earthquake last night in the area of Steele

Ø  The National Weather Service has changed the method they provide both the Thunderstorm and Tornado Warning. They have implemented an Impacted Based Warning System (IBW)

Ø  EMA provided Advanced Incident Management Training to Critical staff at the County level.

Ø  Tornado and severe weather has remained calm

Ø  Encourage all businesses to purchase a weather radio

Ø  EMA worked with Sims Seating to develop emergency plans for severe weather

Ø  Community Outreach with 6th graders at Luella Middle School as they studied Severe Weather


Ø  March E911 Calls

·       911 – 12,929

·       Admin Calls 20,269

·       Total Calls – 33,198




·      Henry County Fire Dept. – Captain Burnette

Ø  Busy lots of High Impact calls

·       Train wreaks

·       Large building fires

Ø New Stations

Ø Promotions to a=go along with the new structure of the Fire Department

Ø PMO, Fast Track, Recruits classes coming up

Ø 11 Recruits graduate tomorrow

Ø New trucks


·       Henry County PD –



·       Henry County SO –



·       Stakeholder Report –Board of Education – Leslie Cheatwood

Ø  School Safety Task Force meeting today

Ø  School Safety Task Force purpose is to bridge the gap between the school system and the local emergency/social services agencies.  It is also a meeting where information is shared that is beneficial for everyone involved. It helps build relationships in the unlikely event of an emergency.  When everyone knows each other, it helps to bridge some of the gaps when multiple agencies respond to an event




                                                          Environmental Emergency Specialist


Departments of Natural Recourses:

·       Coastal Resources Division

·       Environmental Protection Division

·       Historic Preservation Division

·       Law Enforcement Division

·       Parks & Rec Historic Sites Division

·       Wildlife Resources Division

O.C.G.A.12-14-1: Defines Oil as:

·       All petroleum based fuels, oils, greases, and lubricant, all vegetables oil, and animal fats, all petroleum related products, oil sludges, and oils mixed with waste





·       The reportable quantity for oil is the amount of oil which produces a film, sheen, or discoloration to waters of the state or adjoining shoreline.


O.C.G.A 12-5-20 & 391-3-6: Water Quality Act & Rules

Ø  Anything, besides oil and hazardous materials, that is toxic, produces a change in the color or taste of the state waters, or could endanger users or property downstream

·       Department of Natural Resources support the appropriate use of tools and measures necessary to safely and effectively mitigate spills to the environment



Ø  In accordance with ESF 10 -  ensure response priorities are appropriate and implemented, acknowledge and respect the Unified Command and function entirely within the framework of the NIMS ICS/UC system

Ø  To ensure that management of the incident is appropriate, timely, and minimizes human and environmental harm

Ø  Coordinate efforts to secure the release, contain the product, and mitigate the impact

Ø  Identify and mange resources for the incident mitigation

Ø  Ensure the gathering and interpretation of air , water, and or soil monitoring data as necessary

Ø  Provide expertise on environmental threats for oil or HAZMAT

Ø  Investigate the source of the incident

Ø  Pursue enforcement action as may be necessary


State OSC Assets:

Ø  Enforcement Authority

Ø  Access to technical and Scientific assistance

Ø  Extensive experience managing a wide array of incident types

Ø  Access to U.S. EPA and U.S. Coast Guard resources


  DNR-EPD 24 Hour State Warning Point: 1-800-241-4113 (Before you Call)

Ø  Callers name, affiliation and callers call back number

Ø  Correctly identify the responsible party and provide their name and number

Ø  Material and estimated quantity released

Ø  Location

Ø  Nearby waterways


Q & A



·      A motion was made to adjourn



·       June 4, 2015 -  Presenter – Donna Lee, American Red Cross




·       Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield

LEPC February 2015 Meeting Minimize

 The Henry County LEPC 1st meeting of the New Year will be:


Date: February 5, 2015

Time: 8:00 AM

Place: Henry County Emergency Operations Center

Meeting Presenter: Kim Townsend from District 4 Public Health



LEPC Christmas Luncheon Minimize


LEPC board members would like to cordially invite you to the Henry County Local Emergency Planning Committee’s end of the year Christmas luncheon.
December 18, 2014 at 11:00am
at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center
526 Industrial Blvd
McDonough, GA 30253
The LEPC has been very active this year in hosting many training classes for Local Government Agencies, Businesses, Industries, and the Private Sector of Henry County.
We are excited to be able to continue to provide training for our members and local government agencies. 
PLEASE R.S.V.P. (by: Dec 1, 2014) at sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us



LEPC September Meeting Minimize
The Henry County LECP Regular Meeting will be
Date: Thursday, September 4, 2014
Time:8:00 am
Location: Henry County Emergency Operations Center
                526 Industrial Blvd
                McDonough, GA 30253
Meeting Presenters: Georgia Power Company
FREE CERT Training Minimize
Henry County Emergency Management Agency along with the Henry County Fire Department will be hosting 2 (two) Community Emergency Response Team training classes starting in September at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center located at: 526 Industrial Blvd McDonough, GA 30253 .

 The CERT training is a 20 hour course FREE of charge to anyone:       

18 or over

 Live or work in Henry County

 Able to pass a Criminal History background check

Space is limited so sign up today!  (Please indicate which class you would like to attend)
3 Day Class
September 23rd -25th – 8:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday Night Class – (7 weeks) – 7pm-9pm
September 9th – October 21st
If you are interested in one of the CERT classes or would like to become involved please feel free to visit us online at www.co.henry.ga.us/CERT/index.htm or contact Henry County Emergency Management  Officer Shelita D. Broomfield at sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us.
Application for the program can be found at the above listed website. You may either email your application to: to sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us or mail to:
Henry County Emergency Operations Center
Attn: Shelita D. Broomfield
526 Industrial Blvd
McDonough GA 30228
FREE Public Information Officer Training Minimize
Training Dates: July 1-2, 2014
Venue: Henry County Emergency Operations Center
526 Industrial Blvd McDonough, GA 30253
Course Length: 16 Hours ( Two Days)
Prerequisites: No formal Prerequisite, however it’s recommended that
participants be familiar with the Incident Command System as outlines in
FEMA  Independent Study Program Courses IS100 and IS200.
This course examines the role of public information in managing an all-hazards incident and provides practical training in crisis communication techniques. In such an incident, it is imperative that community leaders, incident managers, and public information officers are prepared to communicate with the public through the news and social media. The course focuses on the role of public information in incident management, the information needs of the public in a crisis, and the various means of effectively communicating through the news and social media.
Workshop Topics:
·       The nature of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and all-hazards incidents
·       Implications of such incidents for the public information function
·       Conducting emergency public information programs within the framework of the National Incident
·       Management System (NIMS) and the National Response Framework (NRF)
·       Integration of the Joint Information Center with the Incident Management/Unified Command system
·       Approaches to working with news and social media in a disaster
·       Constructing effective initial public statements
·       Identifying and preparing spokespersons and experts
·       Planning and conducting press conferences
·       Developing an effective Crisis Communication Plan and Crisis Communication Team
·       Communication objectives and action steps for each of the six phases of the crisis communication
Registration Deadline: June 23, 2014
CPR Training Minimize

The Henry County Local Emergency Planning Committee will be hosting a Basic CPR Training Class on

Date: March 25, 2014

Time: 8:00am-12noon

Place: Henry County emergency Operations Center

            526 industrial Blvd, McDonough GA 30253

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2014

Fee: $25.00 upon arrival

To enroll for this training, click on the events page under the menu section and then click on the calendar dated March 25th.

If you have any questions , please contact Shelita D. Broomfield @ sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us


March LEPC Meeting Minimize

The regular LEPC meeting will be held March 6, 2014 at 8:00am at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center located at 526 Industrial Blvd, McDonough, GA 30253

Hope to see you there!

FREE Storm Spotters Class Minimize

If you are a weather enthusiast and are interested in a unique opportunity to serve your community, be sure to reserve your spot in the Henry County Emergency Management Agency’s Storm Spotter Class, to be held in February at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center in McDonough.

In conjunction with the Henry County Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service Office in Peachtree City will be offering two Basic Storm Spotter Classes on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. The training is free but space is limited.

Weather spotters have served as the “eyes” of the National Weather Service for more than 60 years, assisting in the process to warn their communities of potentially hazardous weather. Although the National Weather Service utilizes cutting edge technology, such as Doppler radar and hi-resolution satellite imagery, nothing has proven more effective than the human eye to observe and report adverse weather.

The training session will focus on preparing individuals to report severe weather, including funnel clouds, tornadoes, hail, damaging winds and flooding rainfall. In addition, the importance of weather safety, when observing and reporting critical weather, will be discussed.

The Henry County Emergency Operations Center is located at 526 Industrial Boulevard in McDonough.  Those interested in attending one of the classes should contact EMA Officer Shelita Broomfield at sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us  to reserve a space. 


Damage Assessement Training Minimize
Henry County Emergency Management Agency along with Georgia Emergency Management Agency will be hosting a
                                                 FREE Damage Assessment training:
                                             Date: January 21, 2014
                                             Time: 7:00 p.m.
                                             Place: HC EOC
                                                          526 Industrial Blvd
                                                          McDonough, GA 30253
Upon completion of the training session you will be able to:
  • Define the purpose of damage assessment
  • Define basic terms related to damage assessment
  • List critical infrastructure in a community
Please RSVP with EMA Officer, Shelita Broomfield at sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us no later than January17, 2014 if you are interested in attending this free training.
Announcements Minimize
LEPC November Meeting - Friday, July 19, 2013

The Henry County LEPC regular meeting will be held

Thursday November 7, 2013 @ 8:00 a.m. at the Henry County Emergency Operations Center located at 526 Industrial Blvd, McDonough, GA 30253





Faith Based Disaster Conference - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Henry County Emergency Management Agency will be hosting a FREE Faith Based Disaster Conference on:

May 18, 2013 at Grace Summit Church, 5295 Highway 155 South, Stockbridge, GA 30281. 8:00am-3:00pm (Registration begins at 7:30am)

Faith Based Disaster Conference is a collaborative effort geared to encourge Henry County Faith-Based organizations to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their churches.

Educational Topics Include:

  • Preparation Begins at Home
  • Active Shooter in your Church
  • Disaster Counseling On The Scene
  • NIMS related to Volunteers
  • How to Protect Yourself on the Scene PPE
  • Public Health Volunteer Opporunities
  • Severe Weather

All interested attendess MUST register by email to: sbroomfield@co.henry.ga.us


May Meeting - Monday, March 11, 2013

The LEPC next monthly meeting will be May 2, 2013 @ 8:00am


Shelter In Place Information - Monday, March 01, 2010

What is Shelter-In-Place?
It is a method used to protect yourself and your family from a release of
hazardous materials. Typically, this release will be in a gaseous or vapor form
which can easily cover a large area versus a liquid form that will be isolated.
This release could be from a static location (e.g. a facility which stores hazardous
materials) or from a vehicle or railroad accident

 read more ...

HM-ACCESS - Saturday, September 19, 2009

leaders in developing and advancing new technologies related to computing, communications, and the Internet. PHMSA sees an opportunity to ride the wave of innovative information technology to improve safety and significantly reduce potential consequences of a hazardous material transportation incident.


The U.S. is among the world’s

 read more ...

Ethanol Emergency Response - Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The EERC has released the Ethanol Response training guidlines for Ethanol Emergencies.


 read more ...

Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu) - Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Swine flu viruses cause high levels of illness and low death rates in pigs. Swine influenza viruses may circulate among swine throughout the year, but most outbreaks occur during the late fall and winter months similar to outbreaks in humans. The classical swine flu virus (an influenza type A H1N1 virus) was first isolated from a pig in 1930

 read more ...
Welcome to LEPC Minimize

Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.)

The purpose of the Henry County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is to establish an organization, comprised of public officials, industry representatives, and private citizens, to respond to the hazardous chemical environment, develop a comprehensive emergency plan for the community, receive information about accidental chemical releases, and collect, manage and provide public access to information on hazardous chemicals in the community.


To better protect the citizens, visitors, and environment of Henry County by improving our ability to mitigate hazardous material incidents of other emergency situations. This will be accomplished through sharing information.


We currently have about 50 members on our committee. They represent many different industries and backgrounds to help ensure expertise in all aspects of emergency response. Members include:


Meetings are held the First Thusrday Starting In Jan 2013, Then Every Other month Located at 526 Industrial Blvd.. McDonough, GA 30253. 8:00M

From I 75 Exit 218 Hwy 20. Go East on Hwy 20 and turn right onto Old Industrial Blvd. McDonalds is on the right. Go to the stop sign turn right onto Industrial Blvd. Turn left into the first drive way past Henry Parkway.

How to Join

New members are always welcomed and needed! Please email lepc@co.henry.ga.us for details.

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