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August 4, 2016 Meeting Minimize
• Meeting called to order at 8:10am by Chief Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman

• 39

• LEPC Chairman’s Report
 Attended 3 day LEPC conference in Baltimore. Over 1350 students and over 100 instructors
 Community outreach went well. KIK donated box loads of bleach
 Grant money lowered to 3000
 NIMS 100, 200, 700, and 800 online
 NIMS 300 & 400 taught in the classroom

• Treasurer’s Report for July
 Starting Balance - $3,186.46
 Checks / Deposits – $1604.96
 Ending Balance - $1,581.50

• Henry County EMA / E911 – Don Ash
 E911
• Calls – 192,307
• 911 Calls – 75,968
• Admin. Calls – 116,339
• 14,000 for the month of July
• September is Emergency Preparedness Month
• NIMS 300 - September 20-22
• Moving into tropical weather season

• GEMA/ Homeland Security – Sheri Russo
 Gearing up for winter weather
 Oct-Nov – Weather exercise (review plans, get employee prepared)

• Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Johnson
 Fire Department busy
 Hazmat calls increased up to 6 calls
• 1 response to Spalding County - cargo truck
 Medical calls
 7-8
 Construction continues
 Citizens Fire Academy in the fall
 Thanks for supporting Henry County Fire Department and the County
 Goal is to know stakeholders on a first name basis
 Introduction of new fire chief, Chief Willis

Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Willis
 Look forward to meeting everyone and getting involved

• Henry County PD –Capt. Simmons
 Imagine Festival @ AMS August 26th – 28th , camping out similar to race weekend
 National Night Out – October 27th
 Hands on training for Police Dept. for new express lanes
 County fair - October 4th-8th

• Henry County Hampton PD
 No Report

• Henry County SO – Sgt. Marcus Warren
 Warrants up 1200 a month
 Civil warrants still up, haven’t slowed down
 Jail population – 700
 40 new arrests a day
 Renovations almost complete in the POD
 Adding more Deputies to schools, including Middle schools, 2 per year
 Active shooter drills for schools
 Fundraisers in the fall – fruit sale

• Local Stakeholder – Leslie Cheatwood, Henry County Board of Education
 First responders luncheon - September 9th @ Shiloh Baptist Church
• 200 plus last year attended
• Expecting 400 this year

• Local Stakeholder – American Red Cross -
 Installed 116 smoke detectors on June 25th in the Phillips Drive area
 More presence of Red Cross in Henry County

• Local Stakeholder – PHMC – Leann Miller
 ER open new entrance
 Busy

Meeting Presenter: Hayla Folden – District 4 Public Health PIO – Zika Virus Infection

 Zika virus infection is a disease spread primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito

 Zika outbreaks are in 51 countries and territories including the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Americas, U.S. and America Samoa

 Zika is transmitted by:
• Mosquitos
• Pregnant woman to her fetus
• Sexual contact
• Blood transfusion

 Symptoms of Zika:
• Fever
• Rash
• Joint pain
• Conjunctivitis
• Muscle pain
• Headache

 How Zika is Diagnosed:
• Travel history
• Symptoms
• Blood or urine test
• NO medicine vaccine for Zika Virus

 Treatment for Zika:
• Rest
• Plenty of fluids
• Tylenol to reduce fever
• Protect yourself from mosquito bites

 Mosquito Control and Zika Prevention:
• Inside the home
 Use air condition when possible
 Keep screens and doors on good repair
 Use fans on porches to push mosquitos away
 Use indoor foggers or indoor insect spray
• Outside the home
 Cover water storage containers
 Use larvicides in bird baths or ponds
 Tip N Toss flower pots, buckets, old tires after rainfall or once a wwek
 Repair leaky faucets

Q & A

• A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:20 am

• December 15, 2016 - Christmas Working Luncheon

• Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield
June 2, 2016 Minimize


·       Meeting called to order at 8:10am  by Chief Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman





·       Chairman’s Report 

Ø  Attending the LEPC Hazmat Conference in Boston

Ø   LEPC Community Day, Saturday 18 from 10am-2pm @ Fears Mills in Hampton GA

Ø  Hands on CPR Demo at the LEPC Community Day

Ø  Distributing material on:

·       Shelter –N-Place

·       Revere E911 – Mass Notification

·       Fire Safety Material


·       Treasure’s Report  for  May

Ø  Starting Balance - $6,666.39

Ø  Checks / Deposits – None

Ø  Ending Balance - $6,666.39



·       Henry County EMA / E911 – Don Ash

Ø  E911

·       Calls – 34,964

·       911 Calls – 14,000


·       Completed after action report

·       1st day of Hurricane Season – May 32st – November 30th  

·       Updating training for NIMS

·       New ERG books are in, will be distributing them out soon

·       CERT Class Start June 7th

·       Severe weather – get a NOAA Weather Radio

·       See Amanda to receive more information about Revere E911 notification

·       EMA busy engaging local with Businesses




·       Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Johnson

Ø  Fire Department still BUSY

Ø  Seeing increased wrecks on the Interstate

Ø  Station #2 – Framing up (Rebuild)Opening date: April 2016

Ø   Station #14 – New slab down Opening Date: April 2016

Ø  Station #15 – Under contract – Opening Date: April 2017

Ø  Station #16 – Opening Date: April 2017

Ø  6 Fast Track Employees

·       Graduates  in 3 weeks

·       13  Recruit School

Ø  Public Safety scale Increased in salary

Ø  Job Fair tomorrow for 15 Paramedics positions

Ø  3 years for Paramedic training

Ø  Leadership Henry Legacy Project – Rebuilt Station #3 Theatre Room. Opening date: June 15th at 10AM


·       Henry County PD –Capt. Simmons

Ø  Active shooter on May 13th. Where able to utilize Active shooter training

Ø  Police Department will be training on reserve lane

Ø  3 fatalities in May

Ø  Participating in the Safety and Protection tonight event at Walmart hosted by Bruce Holmes

Ø  Wings for Warriors motorcycle ride raised over $15,000

Ø  Henry County received the HEAT Unit of the year, Agency of the year (State) and Agency of the year (category)

Ø  Jason Jones reported 153 DUI’s 



·       Henry County Hampton PD – Chief Austin

Ø  A few new businesses opening in Hampton

Ø  Movie filming starts June 8th

Ø  Road closed 2pm-2AM



·       Henry County SO – Sgt. Marcus Warren

Ø  No significant change

Ø  There was slight increase in new arrests

Ø   Decrease in inmate releases



Meeting Presenter:  Brain Englert – OSC – EPA Region 4

Ø  250 OSC’s Nationwide

Ø  Response Authority

·       NCP – National Contingency Plan

·       CWA – Clean Water Act

·       CERCLA – Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

·       OPA – Oil Pollution Act

·       NRP – National Response Plan

Ø  Response Notification

·       30,000 Reports a year – including terrorist

·       20,000 – Hazmat

·       10,000 – Oil Spills

·       50,00 – Other Calls

Ø  3 Weeks On Call Emergency Response Rotations

·       Week 1 – Telephone Duty

·       Week 2 – On Call

·       Week 3 – Response

Ø  Response Criteria

·       Oils

1.       Spills larger than 1,000 gallons that affect land or water

2.       Spills Larger than 10,000 gallons require RRT activation

3.       Spills below 1000 gallons are coordinated with the States and Locals

·       Hazardous Substances

1.       Abandoned Drums

2.       Spill

3.       Fire / Explosion

4.       Railroad Incidents or derailments

5.       Tanker Truck

6.       State, Local or Private Citizens requests

Ø  OSC Resource: Tool Bag

1.       Immediate access to technical Asst.

2.       Immediate access to superfund and oil spill liability trust fund

3.       EPS are individually authorized up 250,000  for emergency responses

4.       Technical expertise

5.       Special equipment

6.       ICS trained

Ø  Mercury Response

1.       6-8 mercury responses per year

2.       Vapor invisible

3.       Mercury evaporates slowly

4.       Vapors heavier than air

5.       Difficult to remediate

6.       Demolition often necessary

Ø  LGR (Local Government Reimbursement)

1.       Only for general purpose units of local government

2.       Must be for CERCLA hazardous substance response

3.       25,000 limit per single response

4.       Can’t reimburse local funds

Ø  Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund

1.       Coordinated by Federal OSC

2.       For containing and removing oil from water

3.       Responding to substantial threat of discharge

Ø  Critical Claim Requirements

1.       Demonstrate substance involved was oil per OPA

2.       Demonstrate whether oil discharge posed a threat to discharge to navigable waters

3.       Demonstrate that you coordinated removal actions with OSC

Ø  Oil Spill Trust Fund Claims

1.       Loss of profits

2.       Loss of subsistence

3.       Loss of Government  revenue

4.       Increased  Public Services

5.       Property Damage

Ø  Oil Reimbursement Requirements

1.       Notification required

2.       No cap on

3.       Petroleum only

4.       Removal cost within 6 years

5.       Natural resources and damage claims within 3 years

  Hazardous Substance Requirements

1.       25,000 reimbursement cap per incident

2.       Local only

3.       Notifications recommended

4.       Hazardous substance or mixture of oil and hazardous substance

5.       Claims within 1 year

Ø  OSC Resources:

Ø  Important Numbers

1.       NRC – 1-800-424-8802

2.       GEMA – 1-800-241-4113

3.       EPA Region 4 EOC – 404-562-8700



Q & A


·       A motion was made to adjourn @ 9:20 am



·       August 4, 2016 -  Presenter – Louis Pitisci – SWS Environmental Services




·       Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield

May 2014 Meeting Minutes Minimize
Meeting called to order at 8:15am by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman
CPR Training
Tank Truck Simulator
 Treasure’s Report for September – Cindy Evan
Starting Balance: $7,466.63
Deposits: $100.00
Check: 0 (For April)
Total Balance: $7,566.63
Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash
Georgia Power did a good job responding to Power Outages during the severe weather
19 New Tornadoes Sirens installed
45 Tornadoes total installed in the county
The BEST warning system is the NOAA weather radio
Upcoming weather less than normal (3 Mayor Storms)
Severe weather is the #1 threat to Henry County
Great partnership with stakeholders
Register online for the notifications
Upcoming CERT class – July and September
Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Lacy
Volume up 8% last year this time
A lot of accidents and fatalities
 13 Graduates from recruit school
10 will move on to EMT school
 9th Citizens fire academy class going on
Start another class citizens fire academy class in Fall
The fire academy (and Police Academy) gives citizens a quick of what the department does
Busy with power lines and cutting tress
Just to make sure that the knox box has the right keys inside. The FD can assist each company with that if needed.
Henry County PD –
Most all major crime categories for the month of April were down. Metal thefts and residential burglaries were up slightly for April
Accidents were down however there were 3 fatality accidents for the Month of April
This gives us 12 accidents from 11 collision so far this year
4 alcohol related, 3 no seat belts, 1 pedestrian , one involved a train, along with 3 others 
HCPD conducted 2 different operations in the county with the Georgia State Patrol and the Motor Vehicle Carriers unit. These operations attempted to provide for speed enforcement and commercial vehicle compliance in the county.
Citizens Police Academy is ongoing and will graduate May 72th
The next Women’s Self Defense class will conducted on May 22nd 
Henry County So – McCart
Recovered two guns out of the local High school
No major catastrophes in the Henry County Schools
Stakeholder Report – Henry County DFCS -
Correction from March Meeting –
Lots of reports of Child Abuse
DFCS will host a Striving for “Safe and Healthy Children” Community Fair on May 15th , 5:00PM -7:30PM
MEETING PRESENTER– Henry County Police Department – Officer David Darnell
                                                            Active Shooter for Civilians

An active shooter is a subject who participates in a shooting spree with the intent harm others.

Have a PLAN and TEST the plans with drills for active shooter
Active Shooter is considered the greatest terrorist threat to campuses.
Something’s to reduce the effectiveness of an active shooter are:
Priority Life Scale of Police Officers:
Innocent Civilians
First Responders
Active Shooter – Shooting
Hostage - – NOT Shooting (Holding Hostages)
Most school shooting occurs because of bullying, video games etc..
Be Prepared
A – Avoid      (the situation if you can)
D – Deny       (deny entrance)
D – Defend    (at all cost)
March 2014 Meeting Mintues Minimize





·       Meeting called to order at 8:15am  by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman




·       47



·       None




·      CPR Training

·      Tank Truck Simulator


·      Treasure’s Report  for September – Cindy Evan

Ø Starting Balance: $7,466.63

Ø Deposits: 0 (For February)

Ø Check: 0 (For February)


·      Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash

Ø  Made through the Ice Storm

Ø  Tremendous team work amongst Public Safety and Stakeholders

Ø  Brought in National Guard for support during Ice Storm

Ø  Lost power with Channel 2 news in the building. Backup generator didn’t come one for about 18 mins.

Ø  Entering into Tornado season

Ø  Please update stakeholders information

Ø  Finishing installing new Tornado sirens



·      Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Lacy

Ø 500 calls ahead of last year

Ø Significant amount of  structure fires

Ø More severe weather events in March

Ø Citizens Fire Academy starts next week (10 week class) – Chief Johnson



·       Henry County PD –

Ø  No Report


·       Henry County So – McCart

Ø  120 ADAs in the field with road officers

Ø  Can help save lives in the field if not transporting inmates



·       Stakeholder Report – Henry County DFSC -

Ø  Starting next week, citizens can no longer walk-in for assistance

Ø  Must call the call center (1-855-GA-CHILD)

Ø  There will be a special number for Public Safety



MEETING PRESENTER:  Henry County Fire Department


·       Tank Truck Simulator video

·       The Henry County LEPC donated the Tank Truck Simulator the Henry County Fire Department

·       Tank Simulator can up HazMat responses to citizens

·       Takes about 10-12 Minutes to dress in the Level A HazMat suits

·       One person is assigned to assist with suiting up

·       Work in a two man team for HazMat calls

·       Batteries have a  60 minutes’ worth if air but it’s only used for 20 minutes. It depends on the person that uses it the fastest.

·       Works in 3 3rds times

Ø  1st - 3rd  - Time to arrive on scene

Ø  2nd – 3rd – work on scene

Ø  3rd -3rd – leave scene

Ø  It takes approximately 24 personal to operate a HazMat scene

Ø  HazMat staging area is about 200-300 yards away from the scene

Ø  Communication is very important on a Haz Mat Scene


                                                                   Q & A



·      A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Don



·       The next public meeting will be held on May 1, 2014




·      Shelita D. Broomfield




Jan 2014 Minimize

• Meeting called to order at 8:00am by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman
• Attendees’ s / Group Introductions

• 30

• None


• LEPC Grant came in and MUST follow rules
• $5,000.00 for outside speakers to come
• LEPC to offer 4-5 classes this year but need Industries assistance
 CPR/First Aid
 Fire Extinguishers
 Fork lift safety
 Hazmat Awareness class
 Class for Industries on work place shooter
 Reminder for Fire Department to fill out Labor Kind Sheets

• Treasure’s Report for September – Cindy Evan
 December balance: $3,446.65
 Deposits: 0
 Check:
1. Shelita - $100.00 – Christmas
2. Shanes - $831.12 Christmas Luncheon
 Total ending balance: $2,515.53

• Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash
 E911 Calls – 385,568
 Facing winter on Jan 15th, blizzard
 Winter Weather Workshop
 Planning for severe month
 Had meeting with pipeline
 Storm Spotters in February

• Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Johnson
 Hit the ground running
 Unit Response: 40,425
 Response: 21, 894
 Tier 2 up again and getting out into the industries
 No ice storm in several years
 Fire Department can’t do much for ice
 5 stations – no generators, $30,000 a piece

• Henry County Fire Dept. – McConnell
 Burn building going well
 Large amounts of metal
 Approximately March 2014 complete

• Henry County PD – Simmons
 111 arrest, 37 DUI, 25 driving arrest, 400 tickets given out at the Rolling Thunder Road block
 New Year’s: 29 Arrest, 100 citations
 26 Fatalities for the year , (no seat belts and alcohol)
 15 more with ejections from no seat beats
 HEAT – DUI Unit received the Matten Award for Agency of the year (4 man team)

• Henry County So – McCart
 Successful 2013 year
 Nothing major
 Jail, Courthouse, and SRO ready 2014

• Stakeholder Report - Lennox
 Thanks Capt. Burnette and the Henry County Fire Department, everything worked properly when they did the fire drill
 Had a severe weather drill on Monday
 Shelter in place went well

• Stakeholder Report – HAM Radio
 Butts County Amateur radio class offered January 18, 2014 @ 8:30
 Will receive a Tech Class License
 $15.00 for the test but the class is FREE
 Ham Radio provides a back-up for public safety
 Frees up public safety to move high priority traffic

MEETING PRESENTER: Capt. Robbie Russel1 – Henry County Fire Department
Emergency Preparedness in the event of Emergency

• Global Harmonization
• Fire extinguisher prevents flashover
• Fire extinguisher are easy to use
 P - Pull
 A - Aim
 S - Squeeze
 S – sweep
• Knowing where the fire extinguishers are and are they blocked
• Small fires keeps from getting larger by using fire extinguisher
• CERT & Citizens fire academy teaches basic usage
• CPR/First Aid/AED:
 CPR- dose not start the heart beating
 AED – is what starts the heart beating

• Accountability – Life over Property
• Not a lot of tornadoes last year
• Fork Lift Injuries – severe injuries
• Fall Injuries – from working overhead
• House Fires:
 Gasses typically cause fatality not the actual fire
 3.5 minutes everything on fire
 Dangerous to go in after 1.5 minutes

Q & A

• A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Chief Johnson & Chief McConnell

• The next public meeting will be held on March 6, 2014

• Recorded by: Amanda Maddox
• Drafted by: Shelita D. Broomfield

LEPC Minutes 2013 Minimize

• Meeting called to order at 8:15am  by Capt. Jonathan Burnette, LEPC Chairman
• Attendees’ s / Group Introductions

A motion was made to accept the meeting minutes and treasury reports from March 2013 meeting.

• 53

OLD BUSINESS: Treasure’s Report & Public Safety Updates

• Treasure’s Report  for July 2013– Capt. Burnette (for Denese Rodgers)
 Starting Balance: $ 13,213.83
 Deposits: $60.76
 Check/ Debits: $100.00
 Total: $13,174.58
• Henry County EMA / 911 – Don Ash
 19 Tornado Sirens added in Henry County
 Revere Notification Systems
 Total Calls  33,610
 E 9-1-1 Calls – 12,458
 Admin Calls – 21,152

• Henry County Fire Dept. – Chief Johnson
 Very Busy
 Call volumes up / staff down
 Several Hazmat calls over the past few weeks
 Lots of house fires from storms/ weather

• Henry County SO – Capt. McCart
 Labor Day (NASCAR) weekend, population will double
 Annual SO –VS- PD blood drive July 29, 2013
 New commercial website that shows someone’s mug shot that has been arrested along with their personal information.  They can fill out a form online to get this information 


• Henry County PD – Lt. Simmons
 Crime rate is down
 Police Department staying visual
 Road checks up in the county to help keep accidents down

• Purchase of the Tank Truck Rollover Training Simulator

MEETING PRESENTATION:  Severe Weather – Keith Stellman
                                                          Meteorologist in Charge, National Weather Service
• More rain than all of 2011 and 2012
• Peak Season of Hurricane Season ( Labor Day- September)
• Hurricane predictions starts in April
• Major determining factors for Hurricanes
  El Nino / El Nina
  Multi Decadal Signal
  Sea Surface temps in the Atlantic
•  Two Hurricanes made land fall in 2012
  Hurricane Sandy
• 2013 Hurricane Forecast –May 24

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